Chairman Message

I am also pleased with the team of the Takamol Holding Group, including administrators, technicians and employees, for your visit to the group’s website and to know more about the Takamul House and what distinguishes it as an integrated group that includes a group of companies and partnerships. Strong partnerships with our esteemed clients and achieving their aspirations, achieving the goals and aspirations of the shareholders in the group, and what distinguishes the group, praise be to God, is its possession of a clear vision, noble values, unending ambition, and the solidarity of shareholders behind the Board of Directors, and the existence of administrative and financial stability, experience and a relationship that helps to seize investment opportunities, and overcome difficulties In critical times, this is what we thank God for.

Based on our ancient history, we offer our customers and our community investments in various fields, whether real estate, food, medical, technical or financial, through institutional work and qualified cadres within the framework of balanced strategic partnerships with our full commitment to Islamic values ​​and principles.

The vision of Dar Al-Takamol is of a promising future nature and that is why it goes beyond the concept of the traditional partnership between an employer and an executing party, but rather works to strengthen this relationship and provide an added and distinct value to the customer.

We hope that you will find in the pages of our website what you are looking for, and in case you want to know more, we ask you to contact us to provide you with more information about Dar Al Takamul and what services we can serve you with, to meet your needs and aspirations, we are here proud of our strong roots in the world of business, the contracting sector and real estate Specifically in our beloved kingdom. Please accept our greetings and appreciation for your visit to the website of the Takamul House Holding Group.

Once again I take the opportunity to express my deep thanks and appreciation to the General Assembly at Dar Al Takamol for giving me confidence to be Chairman of the Board of Directors, which I ask God to be with the responsibility, I also thank the members of the Board of Directors and all colleagues working in the Takamul House Holding Company and its subsidiary companies for their efforts, dedication and dedication to work. I also extend my thanks to all our customers and partners for their continuous cooperation and communication, which had a great impact on achieving the success march, and we will continue to achieve more successes in pursuit of the best.

Muqrin bin Ibrahim Al-Odhaibi

Chairman of Board of Directors